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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Hey, well due to mix up in scheduling we actually got some free time this afternoon so i wanted to blog again just in case i dont get too in awhile. thanks for your comments guys. today my wife and i assisted a mother of 3 in taking her 7 yr old daughter with cerebral palsy to the hospital for therapy. her mom walked into the base office with child on her back. I agree to carry her to the bus stop. I was thinking this is just messed up (in a good and bad way) by the way Randy you showed me that video the morning we left i do believe it was God previewing this moment for me (i will post that video as soon as possible) at this hospital i saw and heard things i have never seen. One of my friend would say see you're niave and "where is your God in all of this"...well to the first i know there are extremely bad conditions out there but when you live in the usa with the so called " house with white picket fence" you can avoid those condition for the most part or at least change the channels. As my wife and i looked at Melody getting her therapy i told her i was blogging away in mind and here are some thoughts....doubt vs. wonder...i dont doubt theres a God, I don't. Honestly just dont see how when i take a glimpse at creation. But I do wonder where HE is now for the most part its us the body of Christ not doing our apart across the world, there should be little needs the size of slums we have in the world. It seems Bono (U2) has brought more movement towards aids and need in africa then most of the church. But anyway i was thinking about how so many need a real healing and there are these tv healers that do it at will. my question is why dont they visit the hospices, the slums, the hospitals. After all even signs and such are for the non believer...YES I know God heals. but I honestly do wonder about the little i've seen and heard. I would give anything possible to see a healing evangelist touch that girl i was with today and well her mom would give her life and then some to see such. Im rambling but let me say to the reader dont tell me its based on faith because many people healed in the bible were clueless to who Jesus really was and I mean it took the disciples 3 years of miracles to still asked "ah who are you really?" Again can these healers heal? No, its all God, he heals as he wills its not based on names be it Hinn or Miller. Just was wondering today and thought I would pass this on to get some thoughts. by they way its okay to wonder even doubt...C S Lewis says perhaps we are at our closest to God when we are doubting. Okay Im tired and this computer doesnt like me so I am closing...hey pass this site on to family, friends and church. Would love to get more viewing this and greatly appreciate all prayers... tomorrow to the orphanages, a school then the following day back to Kibera....Blessings....
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