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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kenya in 7 days....

At this time next week we will be flying towards London then after a beautiful four hour layover off to Kenya. Apx 23 hours in all. A few of you reading this know we have struggled with this trip. I have been on a few mission( Germany, London/Morocco, N. Ireland, Amsterdam, Alberta, Canada & Richmond VA) trips but it seems it came to a sudden stop when the Lord laid Kenya on our hearts (no not even sure how that works) but we were next to clueless 4 years ago when we thought the Lord was putting this on our hearts. And everywhere we looked we saw Kenya (Everywhere). So its like we went into remissions and did no missions overseas and then 6-8 weeks ago everything started falling into place and we needed to raise a good bit of money, gets lots of shots and those closest to us were in agreement that if this was pulled off it was definitely God reassuring us with a "Go!"... So here we go. Now the other day I saw that a airplane had landed safely but the nose of the plane was crushed. They first explained it was a bird but then they confess theres not a lot of birds 18,000 feet high. And the same day two planes were 500 feet a part on their landing but they didnt realize until after the landing. The planes were so close that on the radar it came up as one plane (Yikes). Seems one notices this on the news right before flying. On a much more serious notes the first missionaries would be traveling by boat and take along their coffin with them because they were certain of their ending but even more so in "go into all the world" and "what good will it be for one to gain the whole world and yes lose your soul"...Matt 16:26. In closing, what little I know about Kenya is that its a beautiful country and at the same time theres much neglect (like with Sudan). One slum area called Kibera has over 800,000 living there. We are a blessed country there should be so little pride in such but more thankfulness and in our thanks may we realize that we are simply blessed to bless others. Selah.
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