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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Be A Wave Walker

This past Sunday at NorthStar church we were privileged to have guest speaker JoyAnna McBride share with us. Her message was from Matthew 14:22-33 where we read the story about Peter walking on the water. Here we see Jesus send his disciples out into the boat while Jesus sent the rest of the people home. After sending the crowd home Jesus went up into the hills by himself to pray. Now I imagine that with Jesus being up on a hill he could see the storm coming and knew that the boat wouldn't be able to handle the storm that was was on it's way. Jesus wasn't concerned over the boat, but instead the hearts of the men in the boat. As Jesus makes his was across the stormy waves walking on the water, his disciples think that he is a ghost, but he tells them it is not a ghost but that it is he and tells them to take courage for he is there. So peter still doubting says "Lord if it is really you, tell me to come to you, walking on the water." Pay attention here.....Jesus tells him to COME.
He doesn't say "hey wait a sec and let me calm these waves down first. or wait a sec Peter let me just come to you it will be easier." No Jesus just simply says "come" and Peter saw that being in the boat without Jesus was more dangerous than being in the stormy waves with Jesus. As long as Peter kept his focus and attention on Jesus he kept afloat, but as soon as he noticed the storm that was still around him he started to sink. Jesus let Peter sink, but didn't let him drown. That's very important. After they made their way back to the boat, it is then the winds calmed down and the disciples worshiped saying "You really are the Son of God!" The disciples were able to worship not only because Jesus walked on water and calmed the storm, but worshiped because Peter was willing to walk the storm with Jesus so Jesus could show his power when saving Peter.
So when people see you/me going through a storm are they able to worship and draw near to God because you let Him navigate your way through the waves of life? Or do they see us drowning without asking the Lord for help? Are we stuck in the boat during the storms wondering if it truly is safer with Jesus, or are you asking Jesus to make you a water walker? Storms will come, that is a promise. Some storms come because of stupid decisions on our part, some come because of the sinful world we live in, and others come to teach us a lesson. Sometimes comfortable seasons in life make us lazy and not rely on God. So I pray the next time a storm comes your way, ask Jesus to make you a water walker. Take the step of faith to get out of the boat, keep your focus on Jesus and let Him walk you across the waters.-Adie