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Friday, February 27, 2009

Success is to Admit...

Success in Life is not measured by what we achieve But by what we come to admit, It is not measured by how far we journey, how many zombies, goblins, or droids we slay or by our return as champions, It is not measured by how much good I do for any of the people I get paid to care about. Success in life is measured by what we come to admit. We need a ride from an eagle. We succeed when we admit that we are sinners in the hands of a God who has every right to obliterate us but has instead invited us to journey-to tour this playground of a planet and this universe of spirit and beauty and joy. We success when we admit-as a child admits. When she closes her eyes and soaks in her mothers song-that there is nothing for us to do to earn Gods love but to receive it. The point is not the triumph, the point is the deliverance-the point is not the hero-the point is the deliverer. I want the hero in me to die. I ADMIT I need My Lord. Now what?-
"My Beautiful Idol" Pete Gall