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Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Stream by James Robison

James Robison, along with his wife Betty, are Christian television hosts based in the Dallas area. Their program, Life Today, can be seen on a host of Christian radio networks. The ministry of Life Today is primarily targeted at helping those (especially children) living in abject poverty in Third World Nations across the globe.
Life Today feeds these children, as well as digs wells to provide steady supplies of water to the children.
     This  book is an extremely  easy to read and the vision of the book comes across in every chapter. The overall plea in this book is a cry for us to return to Christ as the ultimate answer. At this time of year all of our eyes are on politics. And in The Stream, Robison reminds us the answer is not in the hands of the white house but ultimately in God's hands. But the reality is that politics does reflect the heart of our culture. The dire need is to spend time before God more than spending time before man (,FB,tweets,etc). We are reminded that while we may strongly disagree with the President (Dem or Rep) we are to pray for blessings upon the leadership.
     Theres a reminder here that we tend to look elsewhere for answers and while we may place a temporary hope in the next President. The need has been and will always be a return to God. A relationship, renewed walk with Jesus Christ.
Ultimately what stuck out to me in this book was the following: " Cursing the darkness is always easier than sharing the light But our Lord is patient. Like the father of the Prodigal. He waits with open arms for us to return to His wisdom, protection, and blessings, If we will do that, we will once again discover how to live just and peaceful lives.'
     And a reminder to me the sad contentment of just showing up for church receiving and keeping the Truth inside we become stale (no salt or light). As Robison states, " It seems many who go to church are at best content to soak up what they hear or observe and consider truth, but never release that river of life throughout their own communities and unro the ends of the earth." Our community, our nation this world is in great need of a Stream of Gods grace, mercy, wisdom and love to flow through the hearts of mankind.

*This book was provided to me for my honest review by Worthy Publishing