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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

HELP Section: "Comment Box"

Okay so We do happen to have one new "commenter" who just happens to be a "marketing guru" for the bailout. Ah Yes just what I was looking for. But this is just a little note perhaps from the HELP section for those out there that say I tried to comment but didn't know how to do it? In the words of Doug (king of queens) "Seriously!" You have made it this far 1. You turned the computer on (Or perhaps kept it on since you plugged it in and have ever since been praying for no power outage) 2. You found this specific website so you can right & left click 3. Perhaps you are even now googling aka searching. So ALL you need to do is click comment then submit and we have "liftoff" Yes I would like to see a a "group" of people commenting and exchanging ideas here, call it blogger envy, call it "online fellowship" call it whatever you want I just think its one of the better ways to use online. By the way do people still go to chat rooms? I remember chat rooms before Yahoo,MSN,AIM,IM,etc..Then theres myspace then came facebook (a millionaire from getting people to add their faces to the concept of myspace, seriously? Im sure the anatomy online book wont stop there) I believe our talk on the bowel problems had more comments than prayer concerns, Interesting? And for some I know who read this are thinking they have nothing to say? But Please, everyone always have something to say. If nothing else consider this a slow chat room and leave a comment as you leave the (cyber) door on your way out.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tis the Season to Bailout...

Time to Ramble but first another thanks to those that helped out towards the Christmas Party for the kids in Kenya. The actual total came close to 3800.00 as people continue to give towards this outreach. Kibera is in need of one of those bailouts as well. Now it seems companies are getting in line to ask for a bailout. Not so sure if its a good idea to fly in on a private jet to ask for some money? And the economy is so bad yet Black Friday sales were up over 7 %? I heard Fox news say this only took place due to good deals. Ah isnt that what Black Friday is about? Stampeding one another for that "limited supply" item to the tunes of Silent Night or We wish You a Merry Christmas? I believe we should bring back "pong" and Atari and we could easily convince kids (and parents) its a Must for the Holidays. For most of us no matter the present we are eventually like the 2 yr old who is just as amused with the wrapping paper and the box than the gift itself. Most of us cant recall what we got last year and forget about asking who got us which gift. And when it comes to giving We do tend to give to get back. Mostof us have to know who is getting them a present so they can exchange and hopefully it comes close as in a necktie for socks. Admit it, if you got somebody a plasma tv for Christmas and they got you a pair of gloves you would say wow they fit, thanks! But all along you are imagining using those gloves to beat that love one up. Of course its nice to hear at least a thank you, or if you give a lot of yourself or money you may want to see change in that persons life. Even a card/ thank you would be nice. But the reward is in the giving itself, nothing needed in return. At least thats definitely the example Jesus set for all of us. He gave and asked nothing in return, simply a Gift to all of us. If we are still waiting for that thank you, holding our breathe for our reward in return then I think we are pretty much still caught up in the box and wrapping paper. So this Holiday season give someone a "bailout" a friend, a neighbor, even a enemy or complete stranger...after all Tis the Season.... to Give..Now back to a game of Frogger...