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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hello again....

To say I havent kept up on the blogging is quite the understatement. I guess I could blame the behind the scene busyness of keeping up with my followers. But since that number is single digit(but thankful I only know one personally so that means a few went out of there way to read a blog or three, thanks!) I actually do love to write but such has faded over the years. Most of us have "satisfy" ourselves with posting any trivial and deep thought on Facebook (and just think a few yrs ago Myspace was the place to post?) I would write lyrics to the amount of 50-100 "songs" but now down to a few and instead of blogging a few entries in a journal suffices (somewhat?) for now.
So I missed on writing about Thanksgiving...and the thoughts of having So much to be thankful for in life. Blogs on everyday life, from thoughts on books, movies (like with The Book of Eli...did anyone else wonder if Kirk Cameron was going to make a cameo in the movie) putting together a youth concert, to my son just turning one (now theres easily a daily blog) and now recently being checked for skin cancer. So can I double up in one day and write more in depth on such things of life. Meanwhile the only thing worst in being away for so not being missed....Hope to hear from those that just "happen" to read this and take part together in this Beautiful Ache.