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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Anyone Out There...

I know more were checking in on this as we were away but Heres a update for the Tabasamu ("Smile" ) Christmas Event we were able to raise 3,400.o0 thanks to 2 local churches and contribution from family & friends. The amount was a blessing to the ministry in Kenya and in their words..From the support that you have sent for the shoes we have been challenged to think big and and trust God to make provision for this years Tabasamu Christmas Event...
So perhaps you are reading this and still would like to help please do so as this will allow them to buy even more shoes. Again this is a yearly gift for these kids/teens. Its not about looking under a tree hoping they got their wish or wondering what to open next. Your gift of 10.00 provides a gift and necessity for them as well. Youth Center P O Box 513 Keyser WV 26726 Make checks/orders out to Youth Center or just leave name blank but not the amount :) )
So once again thanks for reading this and if you arer actually reading this consider giving also simply leave a comment, perhaps leave a reason for Thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving..

"buck" (selah)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

What Happened?????

OK folks, help me out with this one. I was in the mall the other day and while it didn't surprise me, it did disturb me.


I've been in retail and I know that many businesses depend on the Christmas season ( and yes I said Christmas and not "holiday"). While I'm kind of glad that retailers haven't marketed Thanksgiving like they have Christmas, I feel like I've already missed Thanksgiving and it hasn't even happened yet. Can you imagine retailers trying to make a profit off of selling one turkey to each family?
I guess that's why I haven't seen a single sign in the mall wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving. As a matter of fact, I haven't even had one single person wish me a Happy Thanksgiving.
Is it culture or just being way to busy that keeps us from showing thanks?
Jesus knew this was true even in His own day. He heals 10 lepers and only 1 returns to thank Him. That sounds about right...10 percent. What is interesting is that all 10 were healed but Jesus told the 1 that he was whole. This word has intriqued me for a while. What does it mean to be "whole"?
Without going into a bible study or trying to "exegete" the phrase, let me just say one thing...there are a bunch ( and probably all) of us who need a healing somewhere in our lives. Maybe the wholeness comes when we start giving thanks.....hmmmm. Think about it.
And while I'm at it, let me say "thanks" to every one of you. Thanks for reading and thanks for your friendship.