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Saturday, January 16, 2010

ANYONE (anyone) out there? Got the Time?

Just a short and to the point question is anyone out there? Could you please make a reply and perhaps we could actually have a discussion or such. I actually saw the best description of most of us and it was at Facebook (where else) somebody posted that they was so busy they needed more time in life to get things done. But somebody came back with a Great reply..yet you have time for facebook. Once it was chat, then myspace now its facebook (something will come along to replace it sooner or later) anyway somebody along with Mr "Anonymous" (seems to want sunshine when it rains and rain when its sunny) leave some comments.. last blog was WHAT TIME IS IT IN YOUR LIFE?..

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy New Year, What Time is it?

SO what are your resolutions? Better question yet are there any left that you still havent broken. Its "okay" that you have broken them just start all over again. I mean thats all one can do. Of course dont wait till ah 2011 but start over now. Sometimes we need to offer a bit of grace and mercy to ourselves as well. We will mess up, some more than others (by the way doesnt make you better than others just perhaps a better opportunity to encourage others with a taste of grace and mercy). And while we are starting over how about we think on things greater than ourselves such as things that may last eternally. We tend to fool ourselves thinking we have "tomorrow" and for most of us that means we promise ourselves old age of 80 plus will come before we leave this place. And I would say we really take away from the value of time by the way we use it.

I read an interesting thing about what time it is in your life.

  • If your age is 15, the time is 10:25 A.M.
  • If you are 20, the time is 11:34 A.M.
  • If you are 25, the time is 12:42 P.M.
  • If you are 30, the time is 1:51 P.M.
  • If you are 35, the time is 3:00 P.M.
  • If you are 40, the time is 4:08 P.M.
  • If you are 45, the time is 5:15 P.M.
  • If you are 50, the time is 6:25 P.M.
  • If you are 55, the time is 7:34 P.M.
  • If you are 60, the time is 8:42 P.M.
  • If you are 65, the time is 9:51 P.M.
  • If you are 70, the time is 11:00 P.M.

SO what time is it in your life? Lets say its not even noon or perhaps 11pm. No matter the time in our life we should be using this gift carefully and wisely. This definitely sounds alot easier than it is, well at least for me. In hindsight most of us will be sadly shock for not getting away from things like the TV and computer to deepen relationships. The conversations we only talked and fail to truly listen. Take in the beautiful creation around us.Fix your eyes on the stars and moon at night. Appreciate all that we do have rather than whine and wish we had more. Be in awe of the things your body can do and the so many things we simply take for granted. The Word tells us a prayer should be is to ask our Creator to teach us to number our days. This resolution would change our world if we made this our resolution. The little things in life will matter little to us as we take in the more important things in life. Now you the reader must decide what is of most importance to you and live accordingly no matter what time it is in your life.

PS actually started this blog to say Happy New Year and to say we have a newborn about 2 weeks old. So yeah according to his clock he isnt even getting up yet. Which is good since at the moment hes sleeping right by me as I blog this entry. Its 4am, and that seems to be about the time in his life.