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Monday, July 28, 2008


Met a real interesting person the other day. We walked a few blocks from the place we are staying and the guards let me in through the gates. And as soon as I entered this guy came walking towards to me and immediately stuck his hand out and then begin talking about birds. After talking about birds and more birds. I advised Jimmy I had to go into the office for a minute and he started to cry. I thought man what a strange reaction since we just met for the first time. And when I came back outside there he was waiting for me. And the lady pointed out to him I just came outside, Jimmy ran towards me laughing in excitement and once again we picked up where we left off with talk about birds and well bigger birds. He also talked about trucks and cars but the conversation always came back to birds. I could see from a scar on his neck he has had surgery but that never became a topic of discussion. We then went under a gazebo like thing to continue our conversation. We got our pictures together then he wanted to go inside and eat. And as we were going in the building he started to sing "oh when the saints go marching in" that really surprised me. And after spending a few hour with Jimmy I know I will never forget him. Jimmy is 2 years old and one of many kids at this Orphanage (by the way this place is great, more on that later) Maybe a surprise to some but we are really interested in adopting a kid and wanted to do so from Kenya. At the moment we are told Kenya demands that the adoptive parents must come live here for 6 months. which is makes no sense but its just the not so beautiful parts of politics here. Anyway hope you enjoy the blogs, Please keep replying so we know who is reading. thanks Blessings...
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