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Friday, July 18, 2008

At Heathrow, Anyone Home?...

Hey to all who may be checking this out now and then. We are here in London awaiting our flight to Kenya. Its 3:30 back home, 8:30 here and Kenya, well yea you get the picture. Jet lag is part of this wonderful experience. Anyway I asked for a window seat and they ended up giving us 2 windows and the emergency exit door which put me and my better half in charge of opening the exit door in case of emergency. And she added if you do open this door make sure to wrap your arm in this strap because people will be charging this door to get out so we dont want them to push you out. In total agreement. Our pay for doing this was lots of leg room which is a huge bonus and 2 feet from the restroom which is good and bad. So Im honestly still wondering what we are doing on this trip. We are sure God has said GO. But you know theres always something in us to want to know more. Now we board for Kenya in less than an hour. As we were landing here the flight attendent asked us where we were heading and when we told her she said hmm better you then me, ouch so comforting. OKAY GUYS/GIRLS IF YOU ARE READING ANY OF THESE BLOGS PLEASE SAY HEY OR COMMENT/BLOG AWAY... BY THE CHECK OUT THE PREVIOUS BLOGS AS WELL. WE WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHO IS ACTUALLY READING THIS. MEANWHILE WE WOULD APPRECIATE YOUR PRAYERS AND IF YOU HAVE REQUESTS LET US KNOW....BLESSINGS
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