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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Life and Hope

Today we visited New Life Hope Orphange. No doubt a highlight for us in this trip. The lady gave us a tour telling us a couple came here to visit and saw there was a need for babies/children and they have open several in Kenya. The buildings are top notch. We first met the 2 year olds then the infants when they finally woke up. A very interesting thing is that here they have an injection that when give to a baby under one it will eventually rid them of HIV (this drug is known of in the usa but not legal yet, so yea Im thinking just no price tag yet?) These babies/children are adorable, we wish we could at least adopt like half of them. There are 2 nearby orphanges that people all across the wolrd come to work at including this one and theres a Mennonite one as well. At this one over 650 have been adopted. I believe the majority (like 90%) of the babies here are HIV. I got to play with David, Amnity,Moses among others. It is too bad (to put it nicely) that its so costly to adopt I like to think that is the ONLY reason there are Millions awaiting a loving home. By the way if you are a Believer you have definitely been adopted by Abba, the ulitmate Father (and I know that image can be blurred and painful when you come from any form of a broken home) and if not well just know despite your doubt, anger, hates, He is desiring to adopt you and call you son/daughter. Thanks for reading this, Blessings.
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