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Monday, July 21, 2008

and how are you?

Hey there folks writing live from Kenya (lets get the word out i would like to see A LOT MORE POSTING HERE, AMEN) anyway here in a cyber cafe and i think i found where the states original computers went to, its very slow here. The internet is runned by the government. As I write this a christian radio station is playing. the people here are very friendly. While there is much to write cant do it now, one this is too slow to do such and more importantly not sure how to put such in words. A doctor (morgantown WV) told us to check out a movie called "Constant Gardner" it was filmed in kibera slums area so if you want that will give you a taste of what we are seeing. The conditions are terrible and truthfully i have very mixed feelings, emotions hearing 5 year olds singing Jesus loves me and knowing more about the bible then some teens back in the states. We are land of plenty and blessed we just tend to forget and neglect we are blessed to bless others. Anyway theres 1 million in just the kibera area (oh and theres a bigger one in South Africa) somewhere we are truly missing out. yesterday after a 6 hour or so church service (okay im being truthful here MAN it was long) we did out reach on the streets and there was at least 7 people that asked Christ into their life. Also I want to add that the pastor that is hosting us told us that its said Kenyan is the most evangelize country in the world. it seems so as we witness yesterday it was like all knew the story of Christ. Meanwhile I have amazed a few Kenyans when I tell them that T D Jakes is from WV. And one even said so hes a black American, as if he was in shock. Im assuming when they see white they think missionary, and yes the kids in the slum want me to take them back home because they all know how well off we all are and rich, and of course have our act together and they want to know if we have slums and are shock to hear that we could have poor as well (okay so I will close with that sarcastic truth). by the way my title comes from the kids in kibera as soon as they see us they run to us and they say the one sentence they have down...."and how are you"..blessings, if you read this please please post, keep us in your prayers...
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