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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

To Breathe Again or See again..

Revival is coming! Well it may be or maybe not..but it does get the churches attention, it fills up the signs in front of the church nicely. And its hard to find a televangelist that isnt promoting it. But as Donny mentioned in an earlier blog most churches wouldnt recognize Jesus if He personally came to our churches today. Even worst He would be rejected because He wouldnt be "cool looking". Most likely he wouldnt be dressed in the latest fashion and He simply probably would get on our nerves ("man who does he think he is anyway?). If we would be rejecting Jesus then how close is revival (giving life to dead men/women walking, bring back to life). My friend Randy and I were talking about revival and I wonder aloud when Jesus healed the blind man do you think right before that moment of seeing for the first time did he want to see or did he want revival? My point is I think we want revival but Im not sure we know what it is and if it would come the changes would amaze us, true but they also go against our grain, the way we think it should be. I think as Christians most of us decide who and when to pour out grace and mercy towards others but Jesus never did such unless it was towards the "church". We turn our backs towards the "down and outters", the deform, the unwanted, heck even those that come from broken homes(hint: we are ALL broken). I see us as a broken body not seeing how broken we really are and if we saw such then it would come (super)naturally to serve the broken. Its comical and sad at the same time that I see us as distributing tracts to the blind, but hey the tract is in braille and the story is about Jesus healing the blind man. We're just not getting it and that it is revival. Lord God open my eyes that I may see with your eyes, Give me eyes to see, ears to hear, hands to serve and a heart that will follow, follow You. Then I wont have to talk about revival I can just simply live it.
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