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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Update on Keyser, Kenya

Well we recently sent out our "thank you" letters for supporting our mission trip to Kenya (and blogged it here as well as a Thank You) So in case 1 or 11 would check out this site since it was listed on the letter I thought we would update a little as well. We were talking to a friend yesterday about our trip and I realized we didnt share about our visit to a "boys home" Over 100 young men sent here due to being labeled a "trouble youth" and/or just nowhere else to be placed. We taught classes to these boys, shared in song and Bible teaching then played games. And as we were playing games Adriane pointed out to me how several of the young men were actually freezing( yes below 70 there is winter to them) so she talked to a team leader and asked could we purchase shoes for them. She was told anything can be purchased for the kids here but it must be for all of them or none. So after discussing it with others a few us decided and were determined to pay the estimated $150 to get sandals. By the following week we had purchased 110 pairs of sandals for less than $50. And more importantly this will help towards fighting off young men getting jiggers. Jiggers, or sand fleas, make a home in your skin. The impregnated female jigger burrows under your finger or toe nails creating pus infected sores and feeds, laying her eggs before dying in your skin and creating further infection. So for less than 50.00 we were able to take care of over 100 youth. The director at this school was speechless and told our group this was a great need for them and wasnt sure how they would be able to get shoes for all of the youth.

Anyway as I have mentioned in the past we talked to I C Y Director Peter about how we could be more of help in sending needed items to them. And with that my wife suggested last week that this Christmas we would send gifts,money to the ministry for Kibera. Truthfully it sounded really good to me but Im one of those that love to buy gifts, cant wait to surprise others with gifts (and sure open a few as well) But to say the least there is a need, much greater need all around us. Not just in Kibera, but places like Darfur and Rwanda to name a few. And according Jesus these people are our neighbors as well. Now I know there are people who are next door to us and in need, so help them as well. But Im not sure helping them excuses us from helping those in dire need of basics such as food, water, and shelter. I see quite a few spend so much in gifts for Christmas and all along saying "lets not forget the true meaning of Christmas" But I believe most of us (including me) have expressed in our ways we have forgotten. We are told to simply that we are bless to bless others and to bless those who cannot bless us back (ah no gift for me, but the gift is in the giving, right?) And may whoever and whatever we choose to give to become a lifestyle for us. Im still in the baby steps of learning that only the things we do with eternal value is worthwhile. By the way we thought of naming a program something like "Keyser to Kibera" but we want others who live away from here to feel part of this as well. If any of you would like to be involved let us know. Meanwhile we will be following up contact to see what Kibera school/children need the most. In closing thanks for reading, and as someone said ministry is seeing a need and meeting it, that is ministry. No matter who we are, where we go a need is right before us.

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