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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This Just in..The Worlds A Mess

...And we are the ones making the mess. At least for the most part it seems. Front page of USA TODAY has an article "Ticking Time Bomb" about the Hunger in Ethiopia. You can read about a 4 yr old weighing 20 lbs. Most seem not to be able to afford the national staple food Injera casue the price has doubled. Food price inflation is more than 75% (Zimbabwe's is worst!) and at least 14 Million are in need of food aid. So after this full page story of how 75,000 kids are severly malnourished you can glanced to the next page and see a photo of Joey Chestnut and friends chowing down over 6 pounds of ribs for yet another record. Thats America, Thats the world, thats us. Side by side we have a world that is starving and then a world that not only competes on chowing down but you can even catch it on ESPN (thank God for DVR's dont wanna miss the chowing down or better yet the coming up?) I recall reading C.S. Lewis comment about the obsession of sex. He asked could you imagine people who would slowly raise the lid off a food plate and the crowd would oooohh and ahhh as the food was revealed to them. He said this is how we have acted towards sex and if we did so towards food you would say we are "crazy." Prophecy at hand and he didnt know it. We are obsess in this western world with things that matter least and for the most part apathatic to things that matter most. Africa has 80 million Orphans. Thats just Africa. And yet it will usually cost 20-25,000 to adopt a child. Well unless they are handicapped then theres a discount (not sure how to take that except its sad!). Of course black market and such is a concern but seems to me that is more prevalanet when one has to pay 20 grand to take in a child and provide for them, seems that 20,000 could come in handy during the child's lifetime. And while the act of caring and loving a child is 25,000 one can abort a child for 500 or less. Kind of like the newspaper article with the extremes of food on each side of the paper. In a hospital you could have a child being brought into the world and in another room a child being taken out of the world, granted he/she would be coming into a mess to say the least and some worst than others. But when we visited Kibera we met quite a few families and children living day to day in bad conditions but I am sure of one thing from the smiles on their faces and conversations with them they would choose to live, choose life. In closing for those of us who are Pro Life we must also be providing for others in need. Way beyond prayers and protesting but help meet the needs that we see before us. Im just saying all of this to remind us that this world is a mess, a beautiful ache.
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