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Friday, August 22, 2008

In The Same Boat

An interesting point was brought up in one of the posts the other day. Fish said his wife was dealing with some health issues. Let's make this real for everyone.

As a community, we are instructed to bear one another's burdens. I know some of you may be struggling with family issues. Some may be dealing with health issues. Some may be struggling with their faith.

How about everyone who reads this, post something that you would like this community to pray for? Maybe even offer a word of encouragement or scripture.

Let me start it out...for those who know me well, they know that I have dealt with kidney stones for the last 20 years. I believe that God can heal me, but nothing so far. He has given me great grace through it. There have been times when I should've been in the hospital but God turned it around. I could use some prayer in that area...even now.
This is part of the beautiful ache. We are all living in a fallen state. Our bodies are crying out for redemption.

Just post how we can help each other. This is a great way for this community to touch each other's lives.
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