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Monday, August 18, 2008

Mission Mishaps aka Insomnarrhea

Okay back to the beauty of randomness. Since we just returned from missions lets explore the mishaps on mission trips. Usually these are quite unpleasant and painful at the time but they make for some great "no way" stories when we get home and well some of us can laugh about it as well.
For me it was on a trip in Morocco when the group was on their 100th glass of hot spearmint tea. And I asked kindly, "ah being it has cool down to 126 outside (no lie, it was 140) could I please have ANYTHING besides Hot they gave me a glass of Pepsi. Ah yes I gulped it down in a few seconds then I took notice to the jingling of ice in my glass. I was like Ohhhhhh No!
So I called my team leader over and said ah I think Im in trouble I just consumed this drink which has ice in it. She replied dont worry it was frozen(okay so she's not a doctor or nurse). So that night about 3am it felt like somebody took a machete to my stomach. So I ran to the bathroom(okay it was 3 feet away but I ran anyway) and well okay eventually went back to bed only to return again in a few minutes thats when I realize man shall not live by bread alone, but Imodium! I took 2 or 3 right away. Return to bed and Again back to the "throne room" and decided to see if it was possible to OD on Imodium. Because I am now thinking about in a few hours our team will be on a six hour train ride in 120 degree heat so I consumed a total of 7 Imodiums. The next morning the nurse on our team said it wasnt possible to do such. I reassured her it was and well I didnt need the restroom on the train. I did still come down with a fever for 24 hours and the first thing I ate coming off this sickness was a delicious lunch by my host which was a bowl of Chili Con Carne. (I couldnt even make this one up). Read On...
A team member of ours in Canada was telling about her outreach in India. And while traveling through town sightseeing a young man on her team came down with diahrea (rather it came down) and it hit instantly and out of nowhere so now this mess is running down his leg and coming out on top of his shoes. So this guy is running towards the base and just when he thinks it cant get any worse, dogs start chasing after him nipping at his shoes. The team members do their best to fight off the dogs and they eventually arrived safe and not so sound at the base.
The lady who shared this story informed me that she got sick as well on the same trip and eventually her body shut down and after severe problems with diahrea she collapsed and was out of it. Team members had to carry her back to base and clean her off and put her to bed. The next morning the team had to tell her what took place in her "adventure"....and last but not least..
Another team in India (hmmm what is it about India?) had to use a squat toliet (just imagine a hole in the floor and ah sharing that hole with the movements of the world) So in the middle of the night this man on the team goes out to use the squat and since the squat was on the hill, one actually had to work at keeping his balance. So as he steps in to use the squat he has his flashlight in his mouth and as he squats he loses his balance and well the flashlight falls in the mess and without thinking he grabs the flashlight and puts it back in his mouth (Arrgh!! and so much more). The team then heard a scream into the night. And Im thinking of the unnamed diseases taking place and how could he ever share this story. And as for his wife ah I dont think toothpaste or any amount of Scope would take it away.
Oh well if you have any not funny at the time stories but now they could bring laughter, even tears to your eyes, post them. Thanks. Oh and Imodiuim, dont leave home without it
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