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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Well we made it back home. So hopefully by Monday I can post a somewhat detail blog about our trip. We enjoyed it which I know was greatly helped by our host Judah & Salma. I told my wife you do realize we are receiving comfort on a trip that we thought would be much harder. Everyone we worked with was smiling and very friendly. The Ministry ICY has been at work for 5 years in Nairobi and we were actually the first married couple they have had on their missions team. Anyway for those reading thanks for doing such and continue to do so. It seems though we have gained a few we have lost a few "bloggers" as well. By the way I am adding a picture of Jimmy in reference to an earlier blog, please check it out. I believe you will all agree he is quite a handsome young man. And the title is easy, no matter where you go its nice to be home, the bed and showers , everything just seems nicer. As my wife said even on vacation theres no place like home to which I added unless you're in Canaan (right, Donnie? :) ) Okay, well in 2 days of traveling (and the first flight Kenya to London was quite shaky to say the least) on the plane I had less than 3 hours of sleep so I think a nap sounds good right now. Thanks keep posting. Blessings.
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