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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lifes Balance Beam

Can we get by with just hugging the beam and not even trying to place for a medal? Instead just being "satisfied" that we didnt fall off the beam even if we were crawling and hanging on for "dear life". All the trials, deaths, mishaps, sickness, burdens in my life compares little(actually not at all) to what Francis Chan explains happen in his life. Yet he didnt get caught up in all of that and use it for a excuse. His focus is on God and to live a life that is well pleasing to God and not himself or others. But as for me I get caught up in the latter. Walking the "tightrope" might not be going overseas but simply going across the street. Once finding a comfort zone be willing to leave it as well. And stop waiting for yourself, family member or friend to mess up, be sick,etc.. I have moments when I see Life as a GIFT and enjoy the moment and those around me. But even those moments are far and few in between. Its simply because when on the balance beam Im focusing on the beam itself or worst yet on self. God, deliver me from such that I may get more caught up in you and let you define me and this life I am to live for You.
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