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Thursday, January 26, 2012

You Have Just WON One Million Dollars!!

At least thats what Publishing Clearing House is telling me. And all I need to do is find 10-100 specific stickers and place them accordingly and then answer three emails a week. And of course it doesnt hurt my chances if I buy the backscratcher for my dog. And hey if that doesnt work out I can always reply to my emails from Sydney in Australia or Toby in Kenya. It seems those two chaps have come upon Millions but of course they need my help in securing this money and randomly they have chosen me to be, well the chosen one. ALL I need to do is send them my bank account number and my social security number and perhaps a credit card account or two and they will make me their joint partner in millions of dollars. Sign me up. PCH may be a bit more realistic than the spam emails but for years I always imagine PCH's Ed McMahon knocking on my door and then realizing he has the wrong address its my neighbors he wanted to inform that they just won One Millon dollars, yea thats right Toby & Sydney, congratulations.
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