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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gold Seal T P the Only way to "go"..

A few months ago I kept seeing this commercial for toilet paper. Trying to sell us the idea that if you didn’t have a special casing for your toilet paper then you were not in style. After being thankful that I was not in style I thought who are these people that sit around and say lets sell the idea "respect the toilet paper." I mean they do realize the function of this item, right? It will be used once as in one time and one time only. And while thankful we have indoor plumbing and toilet paper at hand (literally and figuratively) Im not sure if this is respect and Im quite sure having a cover for my "butt wipe paper" is the least of my concern and hopefully any other human being. I thought the animated bears walking around with "paper berries" were bad enough but now I’m told to respect the toilet paper. Perhaps we have so much technology as it continues expand the market agencies are getting low on ideas (maybe the pet rock will lead to pet dirt, or pet rock kids also known as gravel). So anyway while this "bugged" me I had no thought blogging about this until our last stay in a hotel and I found that our toilet paper had a gold seal. Now I’m not sure this is just for looks or somewhere this paper was honored with a gold seal approval. This once was just tissue paper but now surely there is a higher meaning either way I finally realize that this toilet paper is getting some respect but I also found out more importantly (?) its all the same. So in closing I’m asking PETA to protest and ban the abused of those animated bears with all those paper berries because it’s JUST Toilet Tissue and unless you are out in the middle of nowhere with no paper (which is another story that we don’t want to talk about) it just doesn’t matter and if does matter to you then go to your local dollar store buy some golden seals. Tag your toilet paper, if it doesn’t impress your neighbors maybe it will improve your experience
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