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Friday, January 27, 2012

Just Don't Wear It..

It’s easy to wear the bracelet; t-shirt even put the letters up to make a very corny church sign but living it out well that’s a totally different matter indeed. Last year I heard a pastor telling a story about how his friend was going on and on how "we" (referring to his favorite football team) won the game. And he asked his friend what position does he play? And he went to say much of us have a fan mentality in our lifestyle. And this is true in that if we wear a "Christian item", listens to the "right" music and even attends church and/or do the tithing and this supposedly puts us on The Team. It’s our Jersey. We wear it and that’s more than enough for most of we don’t have to even play a position (live it out) or even sit on the bench for that matter we can cheerlead and "wear the jersey". God knows there’s plenty to cheerlead in the likes of the Grahams, Francis Chan, Compassion International, World Vision, Greg Laurie,James Robison,Charles Swindoll, Mission work, and the list goes on and on. But nowhere does God call us to be a cheerleader or even for that matter to stay on the bench. He says Go ...and in Greek and Hebrew that word still means GO. Get involve and be a team player. Missions start in your home but it must carry on to next door, your neighborhood, From Keyser to Kenya. So many of us wrapped ourselves in being a fan of teams, which it carries out in the way we live. I find myself being a fan more than a follower much of the time in many areas of my life.  Picture Jesus and His disciples wearing it well. Jesus with His "WWID" bracelet on and there’s Matthew with His "Hooked on Jesus"(fish hook shaped into a cross to make it official) shirt and John with his "Jesus went into Sky and all I got was this Shirt" Shirt. Obviously You don’t have to wear a jersey or a bracelet even a cross necklace to be on the team. But you do have to be a follower and Not a fan to actually be a Believer (team). In 2009 over 75% of Americans claim they were Christians. Ah I believe the majority of that makes us the fan base. Fans from wearing the “right stuff” to still getting cold chills when Lee Greenwood sings “God Bless The USA” (Not slamming Mr. Greenwood just his music :)). We need to stop living as if our life’s goal is to be a paratrooper but being completely satisfy in walking around forever with a mint condition parachute. Or course it’s much easier to be a fan (and at times perhaps more fun) but the cost in being a follower is worth it, worth it all simply because Jesus said Follow Me.

PS For those wondering no I haven’t read “Not a Fan”, Yet.
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