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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

In A Hurry?

When did our lives become so busy?  With all of our technology, our lives are suppose to become easier.  What it's done is make us spoiled. 
How long is too long to wait at a red light?  When did 3 minutes become a lifetime?  I'm guilty of getting anxious when I have to wait for more than 30 seconds for a light to turn green.
Remember dial-up on your computer?  I remember waiting minutes to download a picture years ago and I didn't mind because before that, someone had to mail it to me.  Now, if it takes more than a few seconds, we think something is wrong with our computer or we call our internet provider to complain of the slow service. 
We have become a nation of instant gratification.  We want everything as soon as we demand it.  Coffee in an instant, microwaveable meals, news as it happens, cell phone coverage at all times.  We are spoiled. 
Take a few minutes...because that is probably all the time we can devote to one thing....ask yourself when was the last time you spent some prolonged quality time with a friend, your spouse, God.  Many people think Facebook time is quality time.!   Do these four steps  1.  Turn off Facebook, your laptop or iPad, your cell phone.   2.  Meet someone face to face.  3.  Spend more than five minutes together.  4.  Repeat as often as possible.   
Oh, and while your at it, Super Bowl Sunday is coming up.  Quit staying at home and join the folks from Fire Escape at Believer's Fellowship and be a part of something great than just a championship football game.  Contact us for more info or look up the Fire Escape on Facebook.  Lol.

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