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Friday, May 13, 2011

12 in 90 welcome back post

Even though I know I tend to procrastinate with the best of them. I could not believe that I haven't posted since January. So the new goal is 12 (count 'em 12) post in the next 90 days (a thank you tip from John Acuff) In the beginning of the year I was dealing with skin cancer and though several spots found there way on me. Through treatment and a little surgery all is good. Then about a month ago I started to feel really bad and confess to my wife that hey after the "cancer scare" I'm a with that I gave in and had a full physical done (for those who know me that may be equivalent of skydiving with a backpack) and over 40 things was checked and all came back good/clear. Here's where I pause again to thank the Lord because I had more than doubts that there would be a few things not so good.
So although the good news the pain continue and actually through chatting with a person while playing online scrabble it was brought to my attention what was wrong with me-gallbladder..Yea never thought of getting a free diagnosis while trying to spell a 7 letter word. And so in the months of writing nothing I have struggle at times only to realize physically nothing is wrong with me but I dwell on the "little" and at times it consumed me. wavering and wandering...I easily wavered from drawing close to the One who loves me most. sickness,hardship,tragedies do not change us on their own. It remains us as the individual who must make the change and self will never do such on its own. And with these health issues/concerns I still am learning(and lacking) to make the most of my time. I mean its one thing to enjoy things but its completely another to get consume by them..meanwhile the dye test confirms my gallbladder needs to go.. so within the next month so I will be laid up for a few days, perhaps just maybe that will help with the 12 in 90 days...
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