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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Vote for who? Vote for What?

So you are all ready to vote for that "change" and this year it seems there are those thinking the next great leader is on their way and then there are others (like me) where the blank ballot sadly looks more enticing than any candidate. Either way I believe we can all learn some things from the wisdom shared by Andy Stanley. 

  • Put Your faith ahead of your politics. Christ follower first, Dem/Rep second.
  • We can disagree on whats best for people but we can't disagree that whats best for people is whats best.
  • Whats best for our neighbor is really whats best.
  • Four questions to consider and asked when discussing the election
  • What led you to that view?
  • Have you always held that view?
  • Have you met Him/Her?
  • I get the most of my information from the media how about you?

* We are both marginally informed and both probably wrong and dont know what we're talking 
   All we know is what we are told. 

Let your opinion be known, argue your point BUT never make a point at the expense of influence. And Never jeopardize a relationship. 

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