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Friday, April 22, 2016

Life Means So Much

      Something we all have in common and that most think they can beat. When some think of the word death fear grip them. For others tragic memories of how it came, others how it was a blessing, and others anger. For me I've had one person that I loved pass away, my grandfather and it was a blessing when the Lord took him because he was suffering. But in the moment I got the phone call numerous emotions flooded my soul because my flesh and spirit were battling each other. See death was never supposed to be something we experience. So when someone dies our earthly thoughts take over. Our spirits however if the loved one was a child of God, takes over and it makes us yearn for our heavenly home. Yes we miss them, still cry over them, but we know they are finally in perfection, what we were made for. See when I die I know I will finally get to stand before my loving heavenly Father and see everything in His perspective. I have a goal and that goal is to hear Him say, "well done my good and faithful servant." So my life has purpose. For those of you that aren't a child of God, what's your purpose? What are you living for? If I die and I'm wrong what did I lose? What did I waste? Nothing. But if you are wrong you are risking eternity. When we take a breath and exhale, we are not guaranteed the next inhale. So yes death stinks, takes away some loved ones before we are ready to give them up, but if they are a child of God let your spirit take over and rejoice that they are in perfection. They are finally home. They made the journey. We are just passing by here. So my prayer is that you will get right with Christ. Live with a purpose. Eternity is in the balance. Death has no age limit. Live with eternity in mind.
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