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Thursday, September 1, 2011


"Good Luck", "Best of Luck" "I was lucky" these are words that bother me. Unless of course you are about to adventure in a recreational game or some intense video gaming. Perhaps you found a coin, yes it was on heads so now you are Really lucky. But when I hear how somebody survive a near fatal crash, or sickness/disease is gone and they use the word luck. To me it cheapens everything about life. To use the same word "luck" when we find a coin or made a good shot,won a game and then mix it in with a life changing experience doesnt seem to add up to say the least. I mean I know people mean well for the most part and sometimes just dont know what to say. But when Im facing surgery or a crisis I dont want luck. I dont want the "power/outcome" of finding some loose change. I want to believe and know there is more than luck to it. Matter of fact when it comes to surgery I dont want the doctor to be lucky. Thats right I would actually like him to be good than lucky. When life is filled with blessings its not luck its "simply" you are being blessed. Enjoy it but dont cheapen it. Perhaps we could even if this out by celebrating when we find a coin. Thats right at that very moment stop and give a huge acceptance speech thanking God, family, friends, teachers,etc that if it wasnt for them you never would have found that penny. It wasnt luck no it was fate, unforgettable. A reason to journal, to live..or maybe it was just luck? ...A Penny for your thoughts?

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