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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Whos Your Daddy?

Here in the home of Judah and Salma,,,a thunder storm is taking place, and im listening to disciple, a kid in a candy shop wouldn’t be any happier. Meanwhile looking at a blog from our last visit in Kenya and this part got me once again.One thing that really got me was when a SYN staff member was sharing about when one commits a crime their parents don’t want to claim them. She then asked who would claim a child that was a thief or even done worst? And only 2 or 3 raised their hands. So she called on one of the boys and asked him, so you would still claim your child, why would you claim him? He replied because you can’t forsake your own child” (Speechless, nothing more needs to be said)
As Randy shared about a Fathers love the Sunday before we left for here. And as he mentioned imagined a dog attacking your child or grandchild you would be on that dog until its death to save your love one and that’s how God is with us and sin. He desires to destroy ALL of sin that is in us because we are His hearts desire, He cherishes us. Afterwards I mention to Randy I was flipping channels and came across a b&w “cheesy” Christian movie and the son had done something very wrong and he said to his dad do you hate me? Father answered no son , how could I ever hate you , to hate you would also be hating myself” (not so cheesy) and that blew me away thinking that’s God speaking to me. So much there to grasp. The Fathers heart of God is definitely indescribable. Combine All the dads in the world that were “perfect” to their families and in comparison that would be like dropping an ounce of water in the ocean. Growing up in a single parent home (dysfunctional perhaps but I have yet to meet a family that is not..) I don’t have a clear picture of a father/daddy to say the very least. So there is a struggle for most if not all when relating God as your loving Father. I came across this book where the author was wondering of all things why did Jesus say refer to God as your Abba Father aka Daddy when He knew there would be so much abuse of this name/title. Yet at the same there is no comparison in His love which is the only love that is yet goes beyond unconditional. Till this day I struggle, I stumble, doubt and believe and at the same time but Always find His love is greater and there is no place I should want to be than close to a God I can call Abba Father, my Daddy
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