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Saturday, July 30, 2011

JUST Read this...

Throughout the past few months I have discussed with family and friends the use of the words JUST. I looked it up a few different places and a friend of mine emails me the definition “Definition of "just": fair; right. It’s such a small word that is over used in conversations but especially in prayer. And I think it’s safe to say it’s in prayer so much we don’t even realize it. And usually after a “just” we follow up with a healing, blessing, a saving of a life. Ex: “We JUST ask that you give complete healing.”. We just ask that you bless us financially (and perhaps overlook the ways we blew money and bought things we didn’t need-okay with that we JUST ask for mercy as well). Just seems a difference to me in asking a doctor to JUST give his opinion and just give me a triple bypass or a lobotomy. Nothing to it. I don’t hear people saying just lend me a dollar after a just it’s usually followed up with triple to four digits money amount. Such a loaded word from “Just do it” to “Just sign on the line and its yours”-be it the TV, car, house, surgery, etc… How about “can we just be friends?” Or “oh I forgot there’s just one last thing” I know this is next to meaningless but I also know this word to me is always follow by a major request or suggestion. Anyway thanks for reading this now if you choose to reply please Just follow up your reply with a blank check..
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