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Friday, June 10, 2011

m i c k e Y i dont like him

Imagine you have a friend who has it all and at first being invited over to his place may seem awesome since you know he’s loaded and has all the “toys.” But you noticed upon arrival that almost everything is made in the image of his face, from his house, play area to the money (yes even the money) and lets say you have a tree house or even a man’s cave type of a place to hangout. Well this guy has a house that’s comes out of the ground with a push of the button and yes its Mouse shape as well. And if this doesn’t get on your nerves perhaps singing M I C K E Y M O U S E everyday would do you in. Come on imagine hanging with your friend and the songs were always about him. Yea the mouse really never bugged me before but when your child starts to get mesmerize by him then Im stuck watching the world of mickey as well. The other day I even heard Donald say “its always about Mickey”..Come on any honest reader will admit they are annoyed by similar “icons” like Barney,the wiggles, or perhaps a Bozo or Captain Kangaroo (old school)…
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