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Friday, October 17, 2008

What God Doesnt Know wont hurt Him?

Out of nowhere this morning the memory of a written excuse came to my mind. You see back in high school most likely my freshman year my mom wrote an excuse for me when I stayed home one day. And though teachers were to sign it and/or collect it they never did such to this one. So from that point out I had a written excuse from mom also known as a genuine day off whenever I felt like ah skipping. And in my randomness it came to me that’s what those are doing with this belief called Open Theism. Open Theists’ believe in a God that knows all that can be known? Ah that sounds a lot like me, or at least my wife she seems to know everything, just ask her (just kidding, love you ). Actually I never knew this was even an option. Never knew this was out there until a few years ago. Its big but even people who believe it seem to not like to talk about it. They explain away bad things in life, that’s why bad things happen because God wasn’t prepared (bad Cosmic boy scout), ready for it. Kind of blows away any prophecy as in OT or where this Godman Jesus told his followers you will do this and you do that. Lets skip a few thousand years and see the hurricane heading towards Texas. Is God at the mercy of the weather channel as well? (Well that would make a good Far Side comic if nothing else). See what I’m getting at, bad things do happen, tragic things but we come off cheap and we frantically try to explain it away or give answers to everything. And most of all God doesn’t need anyone writing an excuse on His behalf. Believers that do this ought to take a look at Job (Where were you When I….). I’ve been told God knows when you go for a drive or walk… but not the outcome.(Seriously??!!) When Jesus tells Peter and others this will happen to them the open theists say this is a good guess or piece of the future (interesting yet so stupid so there’s a known but not known?) So I guess our days actually being numbered will surprise Him as well…(“Hey “selah “ what are you doing here already?)” While we are at it why not just take in Universalism, lets except that with a spiritual “Ally Ally Oxen Free. “ Of course hide and seek would even be a challenge for God in the world of Open Theism. Maybe you believe in this “Open T” please do email me, blog, etc… It blows my mind I feel like Coach trying to discuss things with Luther, it just doesn’t make sense, I do get frustrated and just cant comprehend anyone thinking of writing an excuse on Gods behalf, but hey if you ever need one I still have my moms you can use.Everyone who believes in God at all believes that He knows what you and I are going to do tomorrow." --C. S. Lewis
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