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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Ragamuffin Gospel-Grace & Mercy

When I saw this classic had been reissued I look forward in reading it once again. It was like seeing an old friend that you hadnt seen for years. Manning has a way with words, a unique way in sharing the heart of God and his words come from one who knows the depths of our Need for a true relationship with Christ. Mannings words embraces the Father with the prodigal. As i read this once again it was like listening to a collection of my favorite songs knowing the rest of story as I started many of his stories. But it was refreshing to be reminded the folly of Gods love, and how deep it is for you and me. The Ragamuffin Gospel would easily be one of the top 5 books I would recommend to a Believer or a non Christian to read. There's a beautiful ache in all of us that desires to hear the Gospel from the Ragamuffins perspective. Manning was brilliant in connecting the hearts of the Savior and the ragamuffin. 
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