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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Nothing To Prove

The book "Nothing To Prove" breathes out the title on every page. My wife was introduced Allen’s teaching at woman’s Bible Study and she showed me a couple of short videos by her and I was really Impressed. I love that she truly tells it like it is not just for some but for all of us. We are indeed "all jacked up" and but for the Grace of God.. This reading is a strong in-depth reminder that we have nothing to prove to others or even self but to live in and out the life God has for us. To let Him breathe in and through us and truly realize it is all about Him. As Believers we are to be the ones who set the standards and others should see a life that they wonder what is going on. But we tangle ourselves are in pity and pride. And find by the end of the day we have "successfully" entertained our way through once again. But to live out the bigger vision is a reminder and challenge from Allen in that we would see we need each other and a need to find relationships, to feel a part of something bigger than ourselves and most of all to recognize our need for God like never before and we would find His Love in ways we never have before. I would highly recommend this book to everyone. I prefer books by the likes of Chan, Elderidge, Platt, and would add Allen to the list of must reads for Believers. 
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