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Thursday, September 9, 2010

What Makes Sense?....

Nothing. From the extreme ends of tragedy to the ultimate gifts that comes out of someones love, grace and mercy. None of it makes sense. We learn early on that life isnt fair (to say the least) but that doesnt soften the blow that breaks our heart, brings us to our knees, as tears magnify the pain and we find seclusion and numbness to be our friend and enemy at the same time. When one is mad as hell or doenst care if they dont see a tomorrow. There are no words. Many say on this side of Heaven we dont understand but do you really believe on the other side this would Ever make sense to the heart and mind that is suffocating from their loss. And for those of us who proclaim to be Believers lets STOP coming up with "answers" or even a "message" using someone elses tragedy and for the love of God dont offer 3 simple steps, the "i know how you feel" or other countless cliche sayings to "speak" into someones life, enough already. How about admitting many things dont make sense to us. How about a offering of silence with your words and scream with your action in just being there for a world that is hurting.
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