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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

losing MY religion

Again thanks for taking time in reading this,,,religion has been on my mind so much lately as in the lack of Christianity among Christians. We are quick to give answers and these answers we are not even living out ourselves, but hey it sounds good.
One of the "favorite quotes" Christianity isn't about religion its about relationship, really? While that is true the question that needs to be asked is this true in our lives? Personally if Christianity is based on relationship then I know I'm a lot closer to religion.
Years ago in this movie a young lady said she told a teacher you are my favorite teacher and the teacher replies then why didn't you pay more attention to me..and she adds I sort of see God the same way. And that makes me think about my walk, this relationship. I lack so much quiet time, devotional time, call it what you will but its lacking. And such shallowness leads to not seeing Him in every aspect of life. Most of us in the last 2 years have chased after time with Facebook than the face of our Savior. See that's what Jesus Christ is Savior, Lord, God, much time does such deserve?
Rich Mullins said he was once asked who his hero was and he replied St. Francis of Assisi and the person said but why isn't Jesus your hero? Rich replied Hes my Savior not my hero. Again I think many of us tend to treat Him as a hero who perhaps saved us from drowning and at one point perhaps we couldn't get enough time with Him and show thankfulness but now its okay if we just keep in touch. Its like we are "tweeting" God. Our words and ways have lost their meaning much like the worlds views on holidays.
Churches are quick to criticize the water down version of Sacred Holidays but are we not the ones leading this dance. Which matters more the world saying Happy Holidays or Christians Spending millions for "toys"/gadgets rather than giving to those that need it most? Lets see "what do you get one who has everything" or how about clean water for the one who absolutely has next to nothing.. We really are in need of a reality check. As we go into the doors of the meeting place we called Church (btw..we are the church not the building) and as we leave. I believe many of us are clinging to how God see things through our eyes and yet we should be seeing through His eyes, to love what He loves, and hate what He hates, and finally a passion to be with Him. To Know Him. To Know Him More and More..
Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent. John 17:3
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