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Friday, February 19, 2010

God Delusion

Awhile ago I read Dawkins God Delusion. Of course I knew I would disagree with some if not most of the book. But I did think there would be more "facts" to openly discuss or debate not so much the disdain (yeah thats the subtitle for this read)...what follows are quotes and questions from Mr Dawkins.
He spends several pages on Hitler proclaiming to be a Christian only to announce the absurdity of such statements as Hitler stated his dislike for Christianity. Blames the effect of religion when tragedy was done in the name of such but "of course" atheism doesnt affect ones action? Lets continue with more thoughts..Most theologians say the bible stories are not to be taken literally. Really? "It could be argue that humans are more capable of suffering than animals but theres no absolute distinction"-Well thats a big smile or smirk from the gang at Peta. He states that there was a police strike in Canada and lots of looting took place therefore he proclaims this shows no fear of God, well yea people in general are self seeking, and extremely fickle..that is clearly shown in the Word, OT and NT...Dawkins asks What if dna was found proving Jesus had a father? That is a BIG "What If"..and then he adds that there is No evidence that Jesus thought he was divine. Ah well no not if one isnt counting what Jesus actually said about Himself. Like if You have seen me you have seen the Father(God) and the words "I AM" really bother the Jews back in the day. Dawkins add God is the ultimate boeing 747? (if there is a creator he has to start somewhere) design cant be the answer because who design the designer. This will spin forever in circle into the ground..Hard to grasp but many (even if religions are different) believe that Yes Life, creation Started somewhere with somebody aka Creator in this case God. Dawkins defending his side says its Utterly illogical to demand complete documentation of every step. Okay great but you seem to want every question answered from Christians? By the way there seems to be a few steps missing in something came from nothing.
And in closing Dawkins ask When a woman is told she only has months to live due to cancer why doesn’t she beam with excitement? REALLY? This man is knowledgeable right:? Gets paid to write books,etc and many follow his words..So being a christian this woman (man) should have tears (pain) in the thought of leaving love ones behind (family, friends, children, grandchildren) and not too mention pain and love ones watching him suffer. I would say this question is absurd but that is a understatement. His disdain for religion, Christianity definitely has twisted his thinking. And finally he questions Why don’t religious people talk about hope in the presence of dying. Well again I question this in wondering how many Christians has Mr Dawkins been around as they died, passed from this life onto the next life. And Mr Dawkins through it all CHRISTIANS do have this HOPE in the presence of all things including dying. Its nothing they have done or can do but what Christ has done and will do, that and that alone is Our Hope!
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