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Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Hole in ALL of Us

While here in Kenya I have been reading the book A HOLE IN THE OUR GOSPEL (What Does God except of Us? The Answer That Changed My Life and Might Just Change The World) by Richard Stearns, President, World Visions U.S.
Fortunately I received this book in the mail a day before departing in Kenya. And I was thinking it would be eye opening in reading and experiencing the “hole” in our lifestyles. The book is very,very good. I would recommend you check it out and read it for yourself immediately. I’m sure I will blog more on the thoughts and stats from the book. And some time ago I heard a message from Francis Chan “Lukewarm and Lovin’ It” which he started by throwing out 2 dollar bills and commented how that meant nothing to those in the congregation yet that is a daily wage for the majority of the world. Look for those reading this isn’t a guilt trip, I’m just sitting here half tired/half relax and decided to blog about whatever. I know at home we get tired of the “help me” commercial and most are so numb to it that we can finish a slice of pizza or two as we see the starving children on tv, or change the channel but honestly changing the channels didn’t change anything except you and me becoming more numb to the fact that we are so blessed and spoiled at the same time.
Now there’s NOTHING wrong in being blessed, BUT that blessing is to BLESS OTHERS! Most people reading this cant imagine 2 dollars a day for wages. Come on if we get short change checking out at the store we complain, grumble, bitch and moan about that or perhaps our need for higher wages. I recall a Pro Basketball player saying he was holding out despite the 15 or so millions per year contract he had due to the fact that he had a family to feed. And my friends and I were talking about what a idiot he was to talk in such a way. But we do the exact same of talk and walk in the rest of the worlds eyes. Do you know if you make 25,000 per year or more you are richer than 90% of the world (the world!!) So go almost anywhere else in the world and you are a Bill Gates in eyes of the world. We don’t realize it because we usually compare ourselves to others and yea its usually to those who have more. (I don’t think I have heard anyone wishing they had less?) Im not going to overflow this one with stats (save that for later) but if you are in the 90% bracket there is so much we can do help others. There is need all around us. If you want to try to live on $2 a day for awhile, or try not using clean water for a day or two-great but please don’t stop there. Those achievements will leave you uncomfortable and yet comfort no one. Giving to others will always cost you something. But it will ALWAYS be worth the cost!
I recently heard pastor Chris Seay tell a story in which his friend told him to imagine of his 4 children one became rich but the other three were in need and the rich one kept his riches to himself and didn’t bother helping out the rest of the family. How would that make you feel as a father? He said I would be Piss! His friend said and that’s exactly how I believe our Father in Heaven is feeling towards a nation that has so much and gives so little.” Right, this isn’t about being a Believer or Atheist, Christian, Muslim,etc. Its simply blessing others because we are so very very blessed. Oh for those that may have gasp to read the words bitch and pissed. Did that upset you more than the fact there are Millions dying due to lack of clean water and Millions more “Surviving” on $60.00 a month, $720 annually. Just wondering? Get involved! To quote a man that Stearns refers to as a modern day prophet.. “We can be the generation that no longer accepts that an accident of latitude determines whether a child lives or does--but will we be that generation?”….
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