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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

P.S. Lost without Facebook?

Okay havent exactly kept up with the blogging but I have noticed the evolution in "technology" that first it was hand written letters then Finally it was emails(yes save a tree or 2) but suddenly Myspace came along and that was the way to keep in contact. I mean hey who has time to email. Then it was Facebook. Now theres no time for emails when you can send "one liners" to stay in touch and let the world know you mowed the yard or had a deep thought. Also like when people say I would email or blog but Im seldom on the computer this is usually the person that has a couple computers at home and/or IPod to keep up with every move by the world. Kind of like the person who says I seldom watch tv, theres nothing good on then they give you a list of movies they never missed which usually includes 3 or 4 reality shows, yes just cant get enough of them. And others can tell you word for word of several movies and sitcoms. Okay so just a little note but I do plan to get in some more blogging. We are less than a month away from leaving for Kenya. May need to go revive my Myspace from the dead and actually start a Facebook (or start "other body parts" book) to draw in some bloggers...if you accidently read this by chance pretend this is "Handbook" (for you Donny) and blog a line. I want to know if you mowed your yard or perhaps had a deep thought.....thanks
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