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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Back to Kenya

This is to let you know that this summer we will be returning to Kenya to serve in summer missions through ICY (International Christian Youthworks). As most of you know we went last year to Kenya and while expecting the unexpected we never imagined that our hearts would be drawn to the people there with such a burden to at least attempt to meet some of the demanding needs there. While there we were able to provide shoes for over 100 boys in a juvenile home and since returning home through the giving of friends, family and local churches we were able to send contribution for their Christmas program which gave shoes to over 400 youth and fed over 1,000 of them as well. We said last year that we had no idea why we were being led to go to Kenya but just believed that God had placed on our hearts to go to Kenya.
So now this will be our first time ever returning to a missions destination (trips including Northern Ireland, Germany, Amsterdam, London, Morocco, & Canada). We will be leaving on May 26 and returning June 12th. While on this trip we have been informed that ICY’s leader, Colin Piper (Global Youthwork Strategist from the UK) will be in Kenya as well. (ICY is a worldwide ministry with locations including Europe, Middle East, Asia, New Zealand and the U.S.) ICY has been in Kenya for years working in schools, children’s homes, orphanages, churches, missions and camps in evangelism and discipleship. They also specialize in training Bible Teachers. The ministries are very diverse which allows them to develop a program to suit our skills. As they have advised us “Tell us your heart and we will do all we can to fit in.”
So here we go once again, looking forward to meeting old friends and making new ones. And our prayer is to be more open in reaching out and being more of a blessing to those we meet. Our thoughts are that places like the slums of Kibera are not something one gets use to and we believe our return will feel like our first time there as well. Our work will continue to be in the slums, orphanages and schools. There’s no doubt there is a great need in Kenya. Larry Jones (Feed the Children) was once asked, “Where do you determine where the need is?” to which he replied, “Take a map, turn out the lights and throw a dart. Where it lands that’s where the need is”.
Leaders from ICY advised us last year that “You will find nothing is predictable in Africa. It is both the charm and frustration of the place. Things will happen which will leave you feeling confused, baffled, and out of the loop! You will be challenged to your very core, but will emerge with a new perspective and a world view which will change the rest of your life for the better. Living in Africa can be tough. You can get sick easily. You’ll miss things you take for granted, and certainly miss loved ones back home. You’ll struggle with culture, relationships and the poverty about you. Without a very real call from God to go, you won’t last the place.” We found this to be true. Our hope is to build a connection that we use our sources here to be of encouragement to the believers there and at the same time be able to contribute in that our help with resources is not just taking place while we are there but throughout the year.
As with last time we believe God will show Himself and lead us as we are to go. To you the ones that pray for us and/or give towards this mission trip you are part of our team, part of this mission trip and outreach and helping the hurting. Thanks to some gifts already We will need apx 3,500.00, and ask that you would greatly consider supporting us financially but also in prayer for protection, guidance and that we would be blessed that we may bless others. Please make checks out to Roger and/or Adriane Miller. Thank You
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