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Saturday, January 3, 2009


Okay now that we are a few days into the new year time to set some resolutions,,,okay so heres my starter list, to take myself more serious, be more sarcastic, put on some weight (narrowing down the food groups to 2 peanut butter and french fries), look in the mirror and remind myself its all about me. Invent new cuss words. And dont give unless given to first, and read less and watch more tv,,,Well now that I got the list going hopefully these resolutions will last as long as all the previous ones as in somewhere between a half hour to a half day. Perhaps resolution became a thing not just because of a new year but many of us eat and drink so much we "justify" it by saying from this moment on we will "do better" Im not sure about you but I have never been good keeping any sort of resolution in my own strength or will. Matter of fact resolutions or no resolutions I need God more than I could ever imagine. Thats the only thing Im sure of in 2009. Happy New Years..
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