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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hot Enough For You

As we finished up the hot & humid season thousands of churches have dropped the “Christianese” talk of how hot it has been and reminding us Hell is so much hotter. Therefore we wouldn’t want to go to Hell. If Hell is all about being hot then Heaven must be a paradise of central air.
 Actually many people like hot weather (yes insanity)  and some of those very same people are planning to “party in Hell” with that not too nice hot weather. Our Christianese talk is similar to the church billboards. They have watered down the true meaning of Heaven and Hell and all that is in between. What makes Hell –Hell is a complete void, absence of God. This life we live on earth is a mix of both as in we know only in part what awaits us in Heaven and Hell. But we do know Heaven is all about God, Jesus and all that is good. And Hell is the absence of all those things.  A destination set only for Satan and the fallen angels. But many (wide is the road) will choose to walk pass the beaten bloody Savior on the cross saying “thanks but no thanks”
The torment, the depths in the agony of Hell leads me to believe the temperature will be the last thought that comes to mind. It’s not the hot weather that reminds me of Hell but it’s the daily news of killings, wars, cancers, diseases, abortions, hatred, for these are the reminders of the reality of hell.
“Hell is hot” rings about as much truth as calling God the “big man upstairs”, or the loved one passes away and becomes your guardian angel.  So lacking it’s not worth uttering from our lips it’s more like a folklore. So let’s talk about Hell (it’s not talked about enough) it’s a place one can only earn by denying the saving grace of Jesus Christ. And Heaven is the place you enter because God gave His son Jesus Christ to die for you and me. Grace is getting what we don’t deserve and mercy is not getting what we deserve. And that is the difference between Heaven and Hell. The world needs a lot less clichés and a lot more Truth.

If this Jesus, Heaven and hell thing is not for you then realize this life is the closest thing you will ever know of Heaven. But if you believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord  & Savior then this life is the closest thing to Hell you will ever see. Heaven awaits you, even so come Lord Jesus, come.
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