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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Miracle in Chile

Its amazing what those 33 men live through, darkness for 17 days. I cant imagine the feeling of hopelessness that must have took place when they fully realize they were indeed in the depths of the earth/darkness. But as the rescue procedure took place I was thinking could you imagine this taking place in the United States. There would be no wait for the reality tv media to get a hold of it. I can see it now a big brother show live from the cave and you get to call in and vote for what order they come out. And speaking of which I heard the 33 have already agree to split all profits gain from the media attention. Hopefully the same would be if this took place in the USA but I do have my doubts. But I dont have any doubt those 33 men deserve some blessings to say the least. Who knows by this time next year maybe they will all be on first name basis to us. If not all of them Im sure most men have had a life changing experience in if nothing else putting important thing in their life as first and foremost of highest priority. Sad things is it usually takes a life changing event for us to do such, personally I stumble and struggle to do the "live every moment"...hope and pray to find such one day and to live it...Soon.

In his hand are the depths of the earth, and the mountain peaks belong to him ps 95:4.
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