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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stryper,DC TALK, Carman, Petra, Newsboys..

Any of you readers have these CDs, or should I say Cassettes? I was just reading a blog someone did on Stryper and I recalled when they were the one and only Christian rock/metal band until the crosses (White, Barren, & Neon) came along. I used to have all of their stuff but I actually don't own any of their music now. My wife says they are extremely talented but just cant sing (she says this about almost every Christian Rock band from the 90's). They say history repeats itself but I don't see the spandex and high hair thing coming back anytime soon. Although stryper is back at it with cds and tours. Nothing against them but I thought of this when the Rolling Stones came back out and started touring that perhaps there should be a "force retirement" age for all bands. I mean seeing Jagger with a walker or cane singing Jumping Jack Flash or a few years from now Van Halen and the boys singing Jump at a rest home just doesnt cut it. Then again it would make a interesting reality tv show. Then there is Petra they may be the dinosaur of CCM music and have made more changes to their lineup then Menudo (see wikipedia if you have no clue and just thought I named a Mexican food?) to keep going through the years. As for the Newsboys well they are very much still around but no that new lead singer is not from Australia. I met theses guys back in the 90's when they were touring over 300 days a year playing any place available (i do mean ANY, I think they would have played at your cookout or even a yard sale) as I use to listen to the heavier music I would joke with my friends and say I was a closest Newsboys fan. But Steve Taylor did turn them to in a real band with his added lyrics to the songs. I mean "when you come back again will you bring me something from the fridge" only Taylor could put those lyrics to a reference on the second coming. DC Talk ,well they brought SAFE Christian Rap to a all new level. Perhaps the Pat Boone version of "gangster rap" and much better then Carman. What can I say about Carman. He actually won best rap/hip in 1996 Dove Awards.. That says so much for those awards in a major small way. I would have open the envelope and said REALLY? Seriously? is this a typo? Can we go to a commercial? I actually got all warm and fuzzy inside when I heard the news and realize I was about to throw up. I'm sure he has talent but please save the rap and hip hop for somebody Else, anybody! I recently saw him on tv in concert (okay I was just flipping the channels) and he was singing(?) as animated veggies danced on the screen and with Carman was four young men dressed in some loud green,orange,silver,blue outfits perhaps a version of the Baptist Street Boys? Anyway to each their own. I Mean there are really bad Christian and Non Christian artists and "btw" I'm not sure why we even label music in such a way. But it gets me how really bad artist become famous and sell out concerts and some really really good musicians have a hard time making a living at the same thing. In any case now that you are finished reading this go to Itunes and listen to those great 90 bands or better yet break out those cassettes.
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