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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Breathe Today

Is this the 3rd or 100th time I mentioned that I plan to keep up with this blog. I'm not even going to ask Is anyone out there? It would be like playing Simon Says alone. This is more than symbolic for me in being a leader. To be a good leader you have to know how to follow. And I do struggle with both more than I know. In running a youth center and promoting concerts there is leadership taking place there (or the lack of) having a Bible Study, preparing for events to parks, concerts, festivals,etc.. but just as important is how well I follow others that I suppose to be following. We find it a lot easier to follow people and things of this world that has God saying "are you sure about that?" (no not an exact quote). Here are some words from Flyleaf's Breathe Today
You can only move as fast as,Who's in front of you,And if you assume,Just like them,What good will it do,So find out for yourself So your ignorance,Will stop bleeding through.
If we are our own (or those around us) ultimate leader we are fooling and hurting ourselves and those around us. Its up to the individual to decide if the time,talents,pleasures (things we take for granted) are really ours or a gift from God. I tend to put that aside and it becomes "easier" to not concern myself about leading or even following but "better" yet just grumble my way through the day. Many of us are "competing" at wasting time(we are bleeding) When we are gone from here will it be how much time we spent with the computer, TV shows, books read,collected most "toys", games won, even facebook contacts? How about with God, family, friends and did we make a difference. I do find myself going through the motions (any old schoolers here just started humming M W Smiths song) reading just t0 finish up a book. Writing just to write, taking part in a conversation but not really listening (waiting for my chance to speak), in all of this and so much more not taking in the day but more like "taking advantage" of it. A lot of the time we are merely existing not truly living, taking in every moment; to see, hear, talk,laugh,cry,listen, being still and breathe.
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