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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Alle, alle auch sind frei!"

"Followers" I believe this is the term used for those following such blogs. Webster describes followers as 1 a : one in the service of another : retainer b : one that follows the opinions or teachings of another c : one that imitates another2 archaic : one that chases. But here following is possible without notice/interaction. But in life, everyday living following will lead to interaction and indeed give notice to those around us. So who are we following? I'm asking this to the reader and at the same time questioning myself. Who and/or what are we chasing after? As a Believer the obvious answer(Sunday school answer) is Jesus Christ but I know many times I find myself simply following self and all the wants.moods,desires that seems fit for self. I will watch what I say, write, blog at times because I'm "concern" what this person/people might think (and I'm not talking about being considerate) making for that moment that person my "leader". This pass weekend I saw a "special" on a preacher (of course he now gets a one hour special since his teachings are against the main steam church they (News) wouldn't think of interviewing a pastor such as Greg Laurie, Francis Chan, Charles Swindoll, Andy Stanley for an hour well that is unless they "fall") who after preaching the gospel for years decided that there was no way his grandparents could have went to hell and for that matter not even Hitler so he said God led him to proclaim "Olly olly oxen free " (okay thats my version) or as he put it God told him to preach this new message that Hell is a place in life, and that after death. Everybody is redeemed. Everybody.. And immediately Im thinking some deep thoughts like "REALLY?!" and "SERIOUSLY!!" To quote the great musician & philosopher Steve Taylor "I'm no theology nut, but the reverend may be a little confused" So he and his assistants were surprise that they were dismissed by mentors and many churches didn't want him preaching at their church (I think Im a bit surprise that this surprised him but I guess the preaching another gospel thing changed in his mind as well) Anyway towards the end of this program this man who is now preaching heresy (not exactly the Truth ) said he believed the majority of the church is following a cult version of Christ. And I was like wow I cant disagree with that one at all. As its been said," God created man in His image and man returned the favor" When the true Gospel and preach and we are challenge to live according to books like ACTS we start looking for that new leader. Francis Chan told how members of his church question if he was heading towards being cult because he talked so much about giving money and things away aka blessed that we may bless others. I have no great closing for this but I do know most of us if not all of us keep running of the trails set before us to find another leader or even worst a make believe Gospel one that fits us for short term or long term. The thing is we need to be sure who we are following because there are many (family,friends,children,neighbors,strangers) following our lead.
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